Prof Dr George P Patrinos, BSc/PhD
Associate Professor
University of Patras, Greece
Department of Pharmacy
E  gpatrinos<at>

Associate Professor of Pharmacogenomics

George P. Patrinos currently serves as Associate Professor of Pharmacogenomics at the University of Patras (Greece), and since 2010, as expert and Greece’s National representative at the CHMP Pharmacogenomics Working Party of the European Medicines Agency (London, UK). His research interests involve pharmacogenomics for hemoglobinopathies and neuropsychiatric disorders, transcriptional regulation of human fetal globin genes and genotype-phenotype correlation in human genetic disorders.

National/Ethnic Genetic databases
His group also has a keen interest in developing National/Ethnic Genetic databases to document the genetic heterogeneity in different populations worldwide and to ascertain the impact of pharmacogenomics in healthcare professionals and the general public. George has more than 120 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and textbooks, he is the Editor of the textbook “Molecular Diagnostics”, published by Academic Press, now in its 2nd edition and Communicating Editor for the prestigious peer-reviewed journal “Human Mutation”. He has given several lectures in international conferences as invited speaker and his research projects received funding from national and international funding agencies.