2016 Monday April 18 
We are deeply saddened by the news that our EU-PIC Board member Prof Dr Gerard Siest passed away on April 9th.
He will be missed enormously. More info can be found at

2016 Monday 30 March
Combined proposal ready
Including comments on budget.
Discussion and decision
Planned for April 2 in Istanbul
From 13:00-18:00

2016 Monday 23 March
Input all members on WP drafts received.
Istanbul meeting gets more shape.
First proposal was sent out.

2016 Monday 09 March
First drafts of the WPs received. 
WP TCs are planned this week.
Barbara Zehnbauer, ISsam Zineh and John van den Anker joined the Advisory Board.

2016 Monday 02 March
Formation External Advisory Board, with Michael Eichelbaum, Mary Relling, Dick Weinshilbaum, Sander Vinks, Maarten Akkerman, Barbara Prainsack and Cecile Janssens.

2016 Thursday 20 February
Workpackage templates have been sent out.
WP leaders will make a first draft for Feb 26.

2016 Thursday 12 February
The Eu-PIC meeting on Febr. 10-11 in Rotterdam was a great success, with in total 65 participants.

2016 Wednesday 04 February
Hotel venue for Feb 10-11
Mainport Design Hotel Rotterdam
10 min from Central Train Station and 10 min from Erasmus MC

2016 Tuesday 03 February
A total of 60 participants registered for the meeting in Rotterdam.

2016 Thursday 30 January
Organisation for the first Eu-PIC consortiummeeting in full progress

2016 Wednesday 29 January
Agreement with KNMP for Stage 2

2016 Tuesday 28 January
Workpackage leaders appointed

2016 Monday 27 February
EU-PIC was selected for submitting a Stage 2 proposal.