Eu-PIC symposium May 27, Rotterdam
Eu-PIC successfully organized, together with Golden Helix Foundation, Erasmus MC Rotterdam and the CMBD/NVKC, the 17th Golden Helix Pharmacogenomics Day in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The symposium was preceded by the Eu-PIC business meeting on Thursday afternoon, May 26, in which aims, vision and strategy for Eu-PIC were discussed.

The symposium was completely filled, with 164 participants from 10 countries across Europe and the United States. The meeting was organized under the auspices of the national organization of clinical chemistry (NVKC) and the Dutch Pharmacy organizations KNMP and NVZA. International auspices were from IFCC, EFLM, ESPT and the Genomic Medicine Alliance.

After welcome speeches by the organizer Prof Dr Ron van Schaik (chair Eu-PIC), Prof Dr George Patrinos (Golden Helix Foundation) and Prof Dr Maurizio Ferrari (President IFCC), the keynote lecture was given by Prof Julie Johnson (Univ Florida) on “Improving Clinical Outcomes using Pharmacogenetics”, followed by presentations of Eu-pIC members Prod Dr Markus Paulmichl (Austria) on “Implementation of PGx” Prof Dr Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg (Karolinska Intituted, Sweden) on “Sequencing rare variants: the next step in PGx”.

The topics TPMT and thiopurine drugs (Dr Coene, Nijmegen), DPYD and capecitabine (Henricks, Amsterdam), CYP2D6/tamoxifen (Schwabb, Stuttgart) and SLCO1B1 and statins were covered in the second session, whereas in the third session, genotype based dose recommendation approach was presented by Dr Vera Deneer, chair of the Dutch working group PGx whereas Dr Norma Anwar (EMA, London) presented “PGx information in drug labels”, followed by a lecture about Next gen sequencing by prof Dr George Patrinos (Patras). The 4 subsequent company presentations (ThermoFisher, Autogenomics, Bio.Logis and ABOMICS” concentrated on pre-emptive genotyping and reporting software. New approaches were addressed by Prof Tim Hubbard explaining “The Genomics England Initiative: the 100,000 genomes project”, Prof Dr Emile Voest (NKI, Amsterdam) on behalf of the Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy:  “Sequencing the tumor genome” and Dr Marzia del Re (Erasmus MC/Pisa) on “Cell free DNA analysis for lung- and prostate cancer”.  

The symposium ended with presentations on European initiatives in the field of pharmacogenomics, being  Eu-PIC (Prof Dr Ron van Schaik), ESPT (Prof Dr Vangelis Manolopoulos) and U-PGx (Prof Dr Henk-Jan Guchelaar).

We greatly acknowledge the important contribution of the  Eu-PIC members to the program, being Prof Dr Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg, Prof Dr Markus Paulmichl, Dr Vera Deneer, Prof Dr George Patrinos, Prof Dr Daniela Steinberger, Dr Marzia del Re, Dr Jari Förstrom, Dr Dominique de Wolf, Prof Dr Mikko Niemi and Prof Dr Ron van Schaik.